Thursday, August 2, 2012

Captions should bring a smile!

Some photographs just beg to be captioned.  Often times in captioning, artists try to use photos to show the glamorous side of women.  Having to wear make-up, dealing with breasts and longer hair, and so on.  I like breaking that norm.  I also like having fun with the transformation.  The above caption is from a recent trade offer I did with Dementia from Rachel's Haven (check out her version of this picture over at her caption blog).

What do you think?  Does humor have a place in captioning, or does it ruin the mood?


  1. I've asked that before in a question to Dee months ago, and that's one of the reasons I asked it. It doesn't ruin the mood for me, but I cannot see me doing that haha

    So in short yes, there is a place for it, but its more difficult to bring results. Much more difficult if this is for someone that you don't caption much...

    I still want to try that for once though ;P

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. This is probably obvious by now, but I prefer it. Funny IS sexy, and if you can pair the two together, that's like double sexy.