Saturday, August 4, 2012

Changed Layout

So many responses were not in favor of the dynamic layout.  So listening to my audience, I have changed it back the a more familiar layout.  Perhaps when some more options are available in the dynamic view, I'll give it another try.  Hopefully the classic blog style will work better.

Oh, and here's a cap.


  1. It appears "Changed Layout" is also what most everyone at the Expo did, too! ;-)

    Thanks for making the template swap.

  2. This cap reminds me of the end of Superman II, where the chamber is supposed to take away his powers but ends up taking away everyone else's instead. (Oops! Spoiler alert!) For whatever reason, I don't write many body swap captions, but I do enjoy a good one. Which means I enjoy all of yours, Kaity! Great job!

    I liked the old layout well enough, but it did run a little slow on my computer. This one is a bit faster and you don't need to click through as many times to leave a comment, which is nice. Aesthetically, I can't decide if the white background is too plain or if color would make it too busy with the other background.

  3. HA! Fun cap Katiyn!

    As to the design, I think your previous dynamic version was nice, but it lacked any thing to cement it as unique to you. This design is something that I can look at as 'Yours'. One thing though... the text can be a little (just a little) hard to read when it's over a darker area of the background. I find myself scrolling up and down to get the text to line up with a lighter area. Maybe if the white area had a little more opacity?

  4. Caity M, I know what you mean. Unfortunately, I don't speak binary and the computer doesn't. I will still be making tweaks here and there.