Friday, August 3, 2012

Smokin Hot Identity

I'm always up for a good period piece.  This cap was done for Gwendolen over on Rachel's Haven, and I really liked the way the story played out.  It's a dark story, but I feel the mystery gives it a sexy twist.  With this one, I wanted to begin showing a range of writing styles.

Discussion Question: How important is keeping the transformee's identity?  I feel that over time, a change in gender would result in a new persona, but that doesn't necessarily mean they forgot who they used to be.  I suppose it's nature verses nurture of sorts.

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  1. I'm firmly in the "If I forget who I am, then what's the point?" camp as far as identity goes.

    That said, our sense of self is constantly changing. Graduating from school, getting a job, marriage, kids, all of those things change our identity. Changing gender would, too. I just think it would be more of an evolution than a whole rewrite.

  2. Very true Maddie. Even when you move locations, you'll find that you begin acting differently based on your surroundings. When a person loses 50 pounds, they'll begin acting much more confident in themselves. I can't see why a change of gender wouldn't be a big alteration to a lifestyle.

  3. Smoking hot indeed...

    If the new persona is somehow attached to the old one and there is some level of acceptance then there is no killing of person...

    If by any means the old person is lost due to change of attitude, being swallowed by the new persona, not taking control on who he is, etc. Then I don't like it, but under certain circumstances I won't say no. Afterall we all die a little everyday :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. This cap exists somewhere in the intersection of "You're either with us, or against us," and "If I tell you ya had a beautiful body would ya hold it against me?" Superb work, Kaity!

    In general, I think having a continuity in the transformee's head to The Person Before makes for a stronger story— particularly in many of the corruption tales I so enjoy (she remembers the good boy she used to be but now embraces being a bad, bad girl)— but I'm not inherently opposed to "identity death" tales. There are rare times in which those have worked on a creative and narrative level.

    1. Excellently put VH. I think many a time acceptance of a new persona is confused as identity death, but acceptance is a whole new level. It's that point where fighting against the transformation succumbs to the reality of what has happened.