Monday, August 13, 2012

Kaitlyn's Weekly One Sentence Challenge WINNER #1

So many good stabs at this one.  They all just kind of popped!  I thoroughly enjoyed Caitlyn-Masked's reference to the Matrix (at least I think that what that was), and Madcap McGee (Maddie) was really close with her use of the word 'deflated' (tho the term 'reversal gas' could only make me think of an inverted fart...  Sorry!).  This week's KWOSC Winner is Dementia of Deelusions of Grandeur.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  I'm still new in the blogging world, so help me get better known and tell people about me!

Dee gets a limmerick using the image!  I've always loved these playful Irish poems, and it just goes to show you don't have to wait until March to use them!


  1. A well-deserved win! Congrats Dee! And the prize cap is wonderful, Kaity. Who knew limericks didn't have to be dirty?

  2. Well, i DO actually know some people from Nantucket ya know! Pawtucket too!

    WOOHOO! I won! I even went and made my own version of the caption on my blog at:

    I'd like to thank the academy .. you really like me! You really LIKE ME!