Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pop Culture

I think keeping an eye on things going on pop culture can be a powerful aide in caption story-telling.  Paying attention to those kinds of things can create a hefty arsenal.  I think it brings a realness to the caption--a relation to our world.

What do you think?  Does pop culture have a place in TG captions?  How would you use it to your advantage?  Is this something you would like to see more or less of?


  1. I think Pop Culture has a definite place in captions. All of the "elite" caption makers at the haven use it often :)

    Us lesser talents try where we can...

    Check out my most recent caption, and you'll see!


  2. Pop culture, especially in funny caps, helps keep things topical. The problem is that what is topical one day is often dated the next. So you run a little bit of a risk there.

  3. I agree with Madcap. If the point of culture you reference becomes something big (think Star Wars) then the cap will remain timeless. But if you hit on something that fades quickly, then your cap will be firmly dated (or even risk becoming confusing months or weeks later). Imagine a cap using the lyrics to 'Thank You' by Dido. It was really popular in 2001, but didn't hold on long enough to last.

    1. Quite true Caity M. The thing is, we don't know what current culture will stick around and what will fade away. For instance, if a cap made in 2000 made Britney Spears references and she didn't continue to stay current (if you can consider shaving your head as 'staying current'), the cap would hold nothing for us. But even now during some of my improv comedy nights when asked for a song lyric, "Hit me baby one more time" is still one of the top suggestions.

  4. *happytroll* We have enough american culture going around to make it here too... Thank you *happytroll*

    Nevermind that *giggle*

    Nah I think it's just fine to introduce pop culture as long as the receiver knows the reference or everything will end embarrasing/confusing on both ends or try to take on mainstream references like Caitlyn said and play safe.

    So far Dee has done a fine good job introducing pop culture and explaining it for us :)

    Me I don't know where to begin, except on the Sci-Fi Area and I barely touched it so...

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. If it wasn't for pop culture, I'd probably have ummmm 500 less captions under my belt.

    I would argue though that pop culture isn't just what's current. I would say that a film like Citizen Kane or music by the Beatles is STILL pop culture.

    I don't think Call Me Maybe will be a truly remembered song 10 years from now, but I bet "Rolling in the Deep" will be.

    1. I've created business cards that argue otherwise! They have my phone number printed at the bottom and I pass them out to pretty girls at bars. Everyone will remember Carly Rae Jespen for years and years and... I'm desperate.