Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shifting Your Perspective

I always seem to find big breaks from caption writing.  And while at times they are necessary due to real life happenings, more often it's writer's block.  Okay, well I could honestly write for a while.  I think the real issue here is boredom with telling essentially the same story outline for captions:

In an earlier post, I mentioned the use of pre-established universes in captions and their role to us as caption artists.  One of my favorite universes to caption in has been the great shift--the paranormal event that causes most of the people in the world to switch bodies with someone else.  While this universe offers a lot of things to play with, the story eventually becomes the same.  Additionally, the reality of a great shift caption would be horrific, and turns many people off from the captions.

In today's caption, I tried something different.  This is a piece I made for Dementia back at the Haven, and it began as a Great Shift caption, but I eventually morphed it into a brand new universe.  I didn't explain the new universe--in fact I'm saving it later and working on a TG fiction story for it--but it made this caption work.  This also seemed to be a favorite on the Haven of how a sentimental caption could work in lieu of being silly or saucy.


  1. Lovely caption, and a lovely "world".

    Thank you for sharing it.



  2. I think this universe could be interesting. Kind of like a 'Great Shift' but only for a single town. It leaves a lot of room for additional stories, but still feels like the stories will be more closely knit.

    I also agree that this is very sentimental. But I'll be honest, it strikes me as a little cold at the same time. Sure, it's a dream to dive into another life and 'start over', but the loss of family strikes me as horrible. I know it happens in almost any transformation stories, but because it was so prominently mentioned here, it feels a little cold for Damien to just give up on his family and dive into his new life.

    Maybe I'm just being a little sentimental myself. I have an incredibly strong bond to my family (warts and all), and any advantage that a new feminine like would give me is insignificant when compared to the loss of my family