Friday, August 3, 2012

The Man Upstairs

Here's a favorite from my captioning past.  I love using pre-determined transformation universes as a good background for my captions.  However, rather than explain the universe within the caption, I write under the assumption that the transformation method is understood and the situation takes front.

So here's the question -- Do you like captions that make use of pre-determined TF universes (Such as Medallion of Zulo or Spells 'R' Us), or would you rather see something more original? 

Feel free to discuss the question or the caption!

1 comment:

  1. I like using the pre-established universes. I come up with my own ideas a lot of the time, too, but there are some very fleshed out worlds out there, so why not use them? One nice thing about them is that it saves you the setup and you can get right into the meat of your story.

    The key for me, though, is to do something orignal with those universes. You want at least some aspect of your cap to feel fresh, and if the method isn't, you need to find a home for that somewhere else in the story.

    This amazing cap, for example, tells a fairly familiar story in a different way. The plea feels very real and engaging, and the subtle misdirection at to who she is talking to makes it even better. Wonderful cap, Kaity!