Tuesday, August 14, 2012

There's Borrowing...

And then there's stealing.  Theft.  You wouldn't do it in real life--at least I hope you wouldn't--so why do it online?  If you're a common checker of these blogs, you've probably heard of the shenanigans occurring with persons benefiting from the captions we love.  And I'm not talking about the super-fun shenanigans nor the restaurant.  I'm talking about beingandrissa, of whom I refuse to actually link.  Now only does this person benefit from captions, it's captions she didn't even have the decency to write herself.  This is why a few years ago I began incorporating my tag into my work, which evolved from just my name and maybe a descriptor, like shown above, into the Kaitlyn's Cap Fairy I use today.

So there's a couple of questions to ask.  The first of which is: What constitutes as stealing in the caption world?  To me, there are two answers.  Let's begin with the obvious: photos.  We don't own them, but furthermore, we don't pretend to.  Although, there is one caption I made using my own photography, but that's another story.  In any case, I think the majority of the TG Caption community agrees that the real art is in telling the story and the overall design of the caption.

So here's the second answer: we steal ideas.  Sure, I come up with something original now and again, and am sure others do too.  But I'm also of the opinion that everything is, to some level, a recreation of the old.  That's why so often we see other captioner's interpretations of the same universe or story idea.  Is this stealing?  I don't think so.  In fact, I know Morpheus is one creator who seems absolutely thrilled to see others try their spin on a Great Shift caption.  Above is my first and I believe only attempt at another one of Morpheus' universes:  Miss Chiff.  It was quite the fun universe to play in, though I found it a bit tougher to caption.  But I really liked Morpheus' stories.  And as far as I'm concerned in the captioning world, this is the only mischief that should be going on.

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