Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to Kaity's Caption Blog!

Welcome to Kaity's Fantabulous Captions!  It's Kaitlyn from Rachel's Haven, and I guess I'm following in the footsteps of some other Havenette bloggers.  Here I'll post some of the captions & stories I create of a TG fantasy nature and topics for discussion.  I love word play and silliness, but I also have a dark side, so you'll see the full range here at KFC.  Also, have patience as I figure things out.  More to come soon!


  1. Ah welcome, welcome Kaitlyn, but you were already here because Caitlyn's blog was here before you... uh... wait.. Not I'm missing the big K that's important *giggle*

    So the big Kait is here finally, I hope you have a great time perusing other blogs as well has having fun doing captions/showing/talking/musing/rambling/etc...

    Whatever this is a long post already *giggle*

    I'm putting you in my blog list now!

    Ouh and funny cap :D

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Love the blog; hate the template. (It's not got a great UX on a desktop, and it's hugely problematic from a tablet.)

    Just my 2¢— I'm subscribed to the feed anyway. :-)

    1. There are some things I like about it and things I don't. I'm gonna see if it grows on me, and if it doesn't I'll be making some changes. Thanks for your $0.02. I'm very close to that dollar.

  3. KFC huh? Does that mean you are finger lickin' good?

  4. Indeed it does. You'll have to order the breasts and legs sometime and experience my own secret recipe for yourself!