Tuesday, September 25, 2012

E is for...

You can be as refined as you want as a man and never reach the level of elegance a woman can.  There's a reason ladies are so particular about behaving 'ladylike...'  I think it's part of the global conspiracy to keep the truth from the opposite gender.


  1. Gorgeous caption Katilyn! I was curious when I saw the 'A' caption if this style could be played out throughout the alphabet, but I'm seeing that you're using the letters beautifully. I love the cropping that 'E' gives you for this one!

    1. Sometimes it really is about finding the right picture to fit, and this one really worked both in design and subtlety.

  2. I concur with Caitlyn .. its styled VERY effectively and you've taken your designs up a few notches!

    I think men tend to "be refined" as more of a disguise than anything else. Its that, "yes ladies, I can wear the hell out of this suit, but I'm only barely more restrained than a dock worker when I get you out of those clothes" Don Draper style that gets the women going.