Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kaitlyn Presents: The ABCs of TG

So, I had always planned to make some original captions for this blog once I got it off the ground.  Then I had a nifty idea.  It's a series of sorts, which I hope to begin sometime next week.  The series won't necessarily be connected in story from panel to panel, but will follow this theme: The ABCs of TG.  So, I thought before I begin working on this little project, I might open it up to you all to suggest what each letter of the alphabet could represent.  I have my own ideas lined up, but I'd like to hear yours.  You don't have to come up with the whole alphabet--just a few of the letters is fine.  Leave your ideas in the comments.  Who knows, you might see your idea used to formulate a caption by me!  Oh, and here's a picture just cuz:


  1. Well of course A should go with me There is a beautiful caption done by Mistress Simone reffering to the alphabet and me learning it errr... Nevermind *giggle*

    My Ideas, which I think are obvious, but nevermind

    A: Got no idea... Astral, Advanced? Nah
    B: Bimbofication - Everyone likes it -
    C: Corruption - Ouh please, it's important! -
    D: Dee, she have, no she need her own letter... Just saying or Divine *giggle*
    E: Eggggz, Egggz, EXxx... ter...min...ate Couldn't resist xD (You will have to watch Dr Who for that) Essence is a good word
    F: Fuc.... Is a bad word isn't?
    I: Inanimate
    K: Kaitlyn or Kiss - You know is kiss -
    L: Love
    M: Magic Doh!
    O: Obsession
    P: Phallu.... Errrr Power!

    And more or less that should be my ideas :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Here's a few that I came up with:

    A: Accident
    B: Bikini Beach
    C: Curses
    E: Everybody (things that change almost the whole world, like the Great Shift and the Genderwave)
    F: Fairies
    G: Good Girl
    J: Jokes
    V: Vacation
    W: Wishes
    X: X-chromosome or Xenomorph (aliens)
    Z: Zulo (As in medallion of)

  3. H should be hypnosis, no questions asked.
    X should be for cross dressing.

    I agree that I should have my own letter! If not me, than dominatrix. Nope, should be ME!

    Maybe you should follow up and say what letters you DON'T have?

    1. I actually have something for every letter now, but I'm open for suggestions! Maybe someone will think of something I like better! I'll also add that A - D are pretty much wrapping up.