Sunday, September 23, 2012


Alright, so maybe I'm just being a big fuss-bucket, but I just have to know...  What do I need to do to get more views on this blog?  I know this post is going up on the weekend which is usually low on views anyway, but still I'd like to know.  How do I raise traffic over here?  I don't think people dislike my stuff--I think a good majority just don't know I exist.  I think Britney had said traffic to TG blogs was on the decline, which is no good news to someone like me who finally got the gumption to start a blog of her own.  Is this true?

If any of you faithful viewers have any ideas, please leave them in the comments section.  I will continue to post as often as I can.  My goal right now is to get more followers and to break 1000 views one day.  I literally got up to 999 one day back in August, but didn't break--my heart was crushed.  I'm on a tangent now, so here's a picture to describe how I feel:


  1. I think I might attribute the lack of views to your scandalously low follower count. Your caps are all really good, and, when I get enough free time, I plan on frolicking through your archives, catching up on what I've foolishly missed. I think we just need to get the word out that you have a blog and its totally awesome!

  2. There are a number of things that you can do to increase the amount of traffic, and some of them you've already done. I figure that others might want to read as well.

    Being a prolific capper on Rachel's Haven is a good start, but the TG Blogosphere is a totally different world. One thing that the Haven can help you with is to get viewers to your blog .. which you can do by placing a link to it in your Haven profile AND in your signature.

    Another thing you can do is comment, comment, comment! If you see a caption you like in a TG blog, say something! People are bound to check out your profile to see which blogs you follow and will probably click on YOUR blog to see what you do. If the blog creator likes your blog, they'll probably throw it in their blog roll and that should get you some hits as well. Replying back to people when they post to your blog also helps to set up a dialog that might get people to keep coming back to see if you've responded to them.

    Posting fairly regularly is a given, as people might see a 2 month gap between posts and figure .. I'll just catch up in another 2 months. The longer you've had your blog, the more people will join. Many blogs are set up and then abandoned 3-5 months later. Prove that you'll be around awhile and they'll stick with you!

    Another thing is to know who your audience is. The TG blogs with the most views & hits tend to have more explicit pictures and sex-laden stories OR deal with sissification / cuckolding / true life scenarios. I post a caption with one of those topics and it tends to double the page views. Many people enjoy witty, well written dialog and the occasionally humorous piece, but SEX SELLS! It takes a bit longer to get established in a TG Blog when the material is cute and clean (though it does happen, SororityCourtney is a good example of that!)

    Just keep plugging away and you'll find your audience. As long as you are having fun, others will see it too, and its infectious!

  3. I agree with almost everything Dee says. Sadly, sex does sell. My X rated caps almost always trounce my non X rated caps in garnering page views. I'm not saying that you should cross over to the 'smutty side', but just know that it will take awhile to develop an audience.

    Regular posting does really help. When I post a cap I get a huge jump in traffic. When I post a cap the next day I get an even bigger jump. Another cap the next day takes it even higher. All of the months that I've received a lot of traffic can be attributed to nearly daily posting. This won't only help with traffic, but will gain you followers more quickly, and the more followers you have the more your traffic will rise up.

    I'm certainly not the best person to talk about commenting, but it really does develop traffic. I know that I always check out a commenter's profile and at least stop by their blog for a quick visit if they have one.

    One other thing that will help is getting listed on TG cap aggregator sites. My biggest source of traffic is And when I say biggest it's not even close. According to blooger, in the past month traffic from that one site has generated almost 5000 pageviews. That is more than the next 6 referring sites. Combined. I wish I could say HOW to get listed on these sites, but I honestly don't know. By the time I thought about such sites, I was already listed.

    You have a wealth of 'classic' caps that you can post. Yes, most people at the Haven has already seen them, but the blogging world is a lot bigger and the majority of your viewership more than likely hasn't. When I started my blog, I posted at least a cap a day, mixing in new caps with older ones. I don't think you have to go to the extreme of posting daily, but maybe posting every other day will help get your blog noticed. If it's a time issue, you can make up your posts in advance and have blogger post them at the appropriate time.

  4. Thanks for the advice ladies! I certainly do try to get around to other blogs and leave comments, but I don't think I do it enough--mostly due to time constraints. The majority of captions on here are ones created originally from the Haven, starting with some of my very first and blended with some of my newest.

    And Dee, are you saying that I'm cute and clean? :P Though, I do agree that a fully dressed woman doesn't seem to pull in the same amount of views as a naked one.

  5. A lot of good points have been made already, but I thought I would chime in.

    I was established on Rachel's Haven when I started my blog, which is 99% clean, and didn't get "a lot" of page hits until I got listed on like Dee!

  6. I just discovered your blog thanks to the link from Dee's blog, before that I don't think I even heard of it or you. Which is too bad, I like what I've read here. I suspect that I'm one of many people who mostly just surf from blog to blog, occasionally (ok rarely) posting comments. People like me who don't go to Rachel's Haven need a way to find you. Caitlyn mentioned, that is my essential link to everything. Rebecca Molay's website used to have a similar function. I think that if you had more links to your page from other bloggers, you would see more traffic.