Saturday, January 5, 2013

Noir Story

A cap I made for Gwendolyn over on the Haven quite recently that I had a lot of fun with developing.  Gwendolyn has a thing for smoking girls, and by that I mean both literally and figuratively.  I had wanted to incorporate this in such a way that would make sense, but not blatantly come out and say "she's now developed a craving for cigarettes."  I've tried this tact before with some success--the idea that I'll let the action in the picture say that much for me with having to reiterate.

I also played around with some of the effects my editor has to create a comic-book appearance.  Of course, true Noir form would probably be in black & white or sepia, but I really like the way the colors turned out when put through the filter, and feel it allows this caption to pop a bit more.


  1. I found it pretty hard to read, especially on a tablet. I came back on my desktop, and its a bit easier but seems a bit smeared.

    Love Noir styled captions, Some really awesome B&W or Sepia styled pictures out there with HAWT models. I would say that you should do some more!

    1. I did have some difficulty with the background image making the text more difficult to read and had modified it several times. Maybe I just shouldn't use the "Noir" font type.