Sunday, February 24, 2013

5 Years - A Kaity Special

In this post, you're going to see 5 different captions.  One from each year I've been creating.  Enjoy them for what they are.  I'm posting these mostly because I like looking at how I've changed with my story-telling, caption templates and style overall.

A very early creation for Courtney on the Haven.  If memory serves, I had only been trading for a couple of months.  I went very generic with the photo and text in white space.  I do remember saying to myself very early on that a caption should not exceed one photo--the story should be self-contained, unless it is a multi-caption story.

In 2010, I began sometimes incorporating multiple photos in the same caption.  More importantly, I began putting my name to my work.  I had started branching out a bit from my comfort zones, and would play around with some more options in style.

2011...  The year of the border.  I was quite fond of the colored border around my captions.  I had even grown to a point where different colors represented different universes, but eventually I phased that idea out.  I felt this border helped signify my captions.  Also, this was the year my faerie marker was introduced (Thanks to AshleyM).

Feb 2013 - At this point, I've been blending the old with the new, allowing a photo to pop from the background, which is itself a faded image.  I've just began using this technique, and still have some issues to work on, but overall it looks very crisp and new without sacrificing any elements.

So that's it.  Five years of captioning.  I'll probably post something similar in the future.  Maybe captions made for someone over the years, or perhaps captions from a universe.  Hopefully, even if you just read the captions, this was an enjoyable post for you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Of course, when you play third wheel, suddenly becoming the first or second wheel isn't too bad.  Except when the first wheel knows that you're the third wheel in the second wheel's rubber...  or, okay, you know what I mean, just go with it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Busom Buddies

Some of you may have noticed my little poll off to the side about getting transformed into a feminine article of clothing, and while this cap doesn't deal with clothing per-say, it does deal with being 'inanimate.'  Even if they are still organic.  I tried out this caption on MasterCaster who was gracious enough to let me run a bit wild. 

I think most people's 'problems' with getting turned inanimate is due to the fact that they've lost what makes them human--the ability of self-awareness and self-thought.  So in my world, if you give those things back to the inanimate, a huge problem is then secured.  Speaking of secured...  wonder how the boys will feel when the bra is undone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Literally in the literal, not figurative, sense.  A recent creation for Tar on the Haven.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Power over your Bullies

Why do good girls like bad boys?  I think this might have something to do with it... 

This is also something I tend to do a lot recently.  I allow the reader to make the assumption that Martin and Terri are the same person, but never actually mention it.  Something I've learned I suppose, which is show, don't tell.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Another mirror shot.  I tried something different in the story--something I think some might go through during a crisis such as this.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Today's from the vault features an earlier caption I created for Dee which shows her in a bit of a lighter situation.  If I recall, I made this when Dee added to her preferences that she didn't 'always' have to be in goth or emo clothes & make-up.  I was also having a lot of fun with opposites that day I suppose.  So, I present Dementia as only me, bright-eyed Kaity, could.

Monday, February 11, 2013

B for Brendetta

Well, let's be honest, with all the lack of attention to detail, giving Brendetta a B is pretty generous.  Here's a capback I made for user taralyn2011.  She's a big fan of getting transformed by accident and not wanting or desiring the change, which speaks to me because that's where I started on this journey.  I always liked being the innocent bystander when a transformation happened--you had done nothing to deserve it nor did you want it, but it was there anyway for you to deal with.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Back

I'm not normally into bondage, but I felt like this story worked quite well.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wrong Place, Right Time

From the vault today is a caption I created a while back for Lyndee Mason, of whom I've grown quite akin to.  I just enjoy capping this wonderful Havenette.  And normally, I caption her with her almost trademark glasses.

Speaking of trademarks, this is also one of the first captions I began trademarking as a 'Kaitlyn Caption.'  It is also one of the first captions in which I invented a new way to enjoy something like the great shift, but on a smaller, less world-threatening scale.  What's really interesting about this particulaer piece is the return caption Lyndee made for me, which followed the same theme.  In fact, it happened at the same event I created for her caption:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stood Up

I know, two mirror captions in the same week.  Told you I'm a fan.  Plus, in mirror shots, you get to see the girl twice.

I've been on a return streak lately, and this is just one of the latest created for Tar on the Haven.  My premise on this one was to try something different--where through some unknown magical force, a man became the woman he wanted to date, but in the process has become so infatuated with the idea of dating, that she has forgotten who she was in the first place. 

Monday, February 4, 2013


While I don't do too many 'object transformations,' I have found that they have a special place in captions at times.  I was never really into inanimate transformations until I read a story in which those who were objectified could still feel and think as the object--that changed everything about object TFs for me.  Here's one I created recently which allows those transformed to communicate telepathically.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Smoke and...

As presented in my TG ABCs letter M, I love Mirrors in captions...  not so much in everyday life.  This is one I created last week for Katie Mills.  Maybe I just have a soft spot for fellow Kaitys (though one likes to pretend she hides by wearing a mask), but I really enjoyed creating this caption. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hop Victim

I'm beginning a trend with posting a caption "From the Vault" on Fridays.  A trend I think is rather fun (and easy) for me to do.  It's good for an artist to look back at their previous work.  What they were writing like, what kind of photos they were using, etc.  I don't really do too many father daughter swaps anymore, but I've created my fair share.  This is a favorite from 2010.  Enjoy, Comment, Do as you will...