Sunday, February 24, 2013

5 Years - A Kaity Special

In this post, you're going to see 5 different captions.  One from each year I've been creating.  Enjoy them for what they are.  I'm posting these mostly because I like looking at how I've changed with my story-telling, caption templates and style overall.

A very early creation for Courtney on the Haven.  If memory serves, I had only been trading for a couple of months.  I went very generic with the photo and text in white space.  I do remember saying to myself very early on that a caption should not exceed one photo--the story should be self-contained, unless it is a multi-caption story.

In 2010, I began sometimes incorporating multiple photos in the same caption.  More importantly, I began putting my name to my work.  I had started branching out a bit from my comfort zones, and would play around with some more options in style.

2011...  The year of the border.  I was quite fond of the colored border around my captions.  I had even grown to a point where different colors represented different universes, but eventually I phased that idea out.  I felt this border helped signify my captions.  Also, this was the year my faerie marker was introduced (Thanks to AshleyM).

Feb 2013 - At this point, I've been blending the old with the new, allowing a photo to pop from the background, which is itself a faded image.  I've just began using this technique, and still have some issues to work on, but overall it looks very crisp and new without sacrificing any elements.

So that's it.  Five years of captioning.  I'll probably post something similar in the future.  Maybe captions made for someone over the years, or perhaps captions from a universe.  Hopefully, even if you just read the captions, this was an enjoyable post for you.


  1. Very nice set. You were quite a talent way back when and have only become better. You always have some beautiful photos.
    Thanks, and I hope your muse sticks around for many more years.

  2. Thanks for the walk down memory lane Kaitlyn! Your designs and layouts have changed quite a bit, but your storytelling has improved as well! I can't wait to see your 10 year retrospective!

  3. It's downright impressive is what it is. And a bit intimidating and inspiring at the same time. I want to try my hand at captioning this year, but am intimidated by photoshop and similar methods. You have it down Kaity and I am in awe.



    1. Never used photoshop actually, which I know is a captioner's favorite (or close to is). I've actually just become quite good at manipulating Comic Life to not look like Comic Life. All in all, though, I'm a writer, and am glad to hear people mention my writing has improved.

  4. Congrats! I appreciate the trip through your history.

  5. Wooooo! 5 years of Kaitlyn. And I knew you when you were just starting out!

    My how you've grown up ... got those sexy curves now that just fill out your T-shirts! Yum!

    Time flies when you are having fun, huh?

    Here's to another 5 years plus many more after that!

  6. I had seen the caption "Curiosity" at TFMedia back when it was first around. Have to say its still among my favorites.