Friday, March 22, 2013

Love Exchange

According to the most recent poll on the blog, it would seem most of you like the Role Exchanger universe above the others (though Medallion of Zulo is not far behind).  I find this interesting considering I didn't really see Role Exchanger captions back in 2010 when I created this for Rachel (Yes, Rachel of Rachel's Haven).  As I mentioned before, I really enjoy this universe, and back in 2010 decided I would start using it in captions, and created over 20 in a sort of themed series for Haven traders.  Part of me still feels like I had a hand in bringing this universe to the captioning arena, but who really knows...  but it does seem that since I did start using it, I see it a lot more.

I liked the idea of having two couple exchange roles, including the way they felt about one another.  It was an interesting take which I felt worked very well.


  1. Great caption I love this pic.

  2. Caption perfection :) I love a slow morphing swap. And this one has two of them.

  3. Very beautiful...the image captures the caption perfectly. Thank you.