Friday, March 29, 2013

Sensory Memory

Today's From the Vault I go way back to 2009 and about mid-way through my first trading year.  I had this silly idea that I could create an story one caption at a time, and Dee was really my first test subject on this.  I was also starting to try creating my own stuff instead of relying always on universes.


  1. Hmm... Rachel is correct in that panel four is missing. But at the same time I didn't feel like anything was missing in the story as it progressed easily from panel three to panel five. Overall it was a good story with a wonderful layout and design.

  2. Well, maybe I planned it that way! -Actually the truth is panel 4 seems to have gone missing in my folder, but I did feel like the story still flowed without it, so I decided to post-

  3. I really liked this, and didn't miss anything. Of course having Doctor Who playing on my tv right now may have had me in the right mystical zone to begin with.