Friday, May 24, 2013

Over There

For today's Vault caption, I bring you a recent caption from yester-year created for Dani Colorado.  When I first began captioning, I was completely against the idea of any mental changes.  I mean, why bother being transformed if you won't remember why you wanted to be transformed in the first place?  But over the years, I've discovered plenty of grey areas...  more than 50 shades :P


  1. Very nice cap Katiy! I'm with you on the mental changes. At first I didn't want any mental changes whatsoever. But I've come to appreciate it being used, so long as the subject keeps their memories. But having sub characters get completely lost and becoming a new person is enjoyable. As is having the subject's new desires push them in new directions.

  2. On mental Changes: If it helps the story, use it. Exceptions to every rule. Nice CAP.