Tuesday, July 16, 2013

IW2BU - Kirra

Yesterday, I began a new conquest over on the haven using Rachel's own I Want to be You, Inc. universe.  The basic idea of the universe is that it takes body-swapping and makes it a business, where people list themselves in a catalogue and may choose to lease their bodies for fees for 1, 3 or 6 months, or 1-3 years.

When I first posted the offer, three Havenettes jumped all over it before I could even finish posting all the girls in the catalogue.  I'm hoping it stays this popular--I often find when I know the who, what and why to start off with, developing stories are a snap.  I can focus more on the individual instead of feeling the need to describe what happened or how.

Here's one of five I created yesterday; others I'm sure will follow.

If you're on the Haven and interested in one of these, check out the I Want to be You, Inc. Business page in my trading folder here.  If you're not on Rachel's Haven...  why not?  Most everything on this blog is inspired and originally created for users over there.

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  1. LOL! wickedly funny story & use ofpic. I love it thtey keep the swap a secret