Saturday, September 21, 2013

IW2BU - Valerie

Jimmy had a request under an IW2BU caption where someone would become a new mother.  At first I struggled with how to do this in the IW2BU universe, since the swaps aren't permanent.  I guess it depends on who you swap with though.

Got to do requests I and really liked how they all turned out.  Continue sending the requests in!


  1. I like how it turned out. Would you consider doing a story line on it. Such Jimmy having to learn how to be a good traditional wife and mom. He also finds out his husband wants lots of children. He wants to start on baby number 2 and gets it by seducing the new Valerie. Maybe this can void the contact?

    1. I am glad you like it. Regretfully, I barely have the time to even make new captions, and finding another of the same model is sometimes troublesome at best. I like your story idea. I left the ending in such a way that I believe Valerie does not plan on returning.

      If you're interested in a full IW2BU story, I have a novel (do believe I made a post a month or so ago) I Want to be You: Deep Reflections. It's on Amazon & Barnes&Noble.

  2. LOL! terrific story> I wonder how 'she' will do with HER new husband?