Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Publishings! Double Date & Girl Time: Vol I

If you follow my blog, then you know this past summer I recently published a novel through Haven Bookworks with Rachel over on the Haven.  I'm pleased to say that myself and many others have recently added to that collection with a series of short stories entitled A Little Bit of Girl Time: Volume I.  And the great part is you can buy the whole thing OR just pick and choose which ones you'd like to buy.  You get the best deal on Haven Bookworks, but you can also buy through Amazon, B&N, and Kobo.  Just follow the links below, or if you'd just like to check out my short story from the collection Double Date, I've put it over on the side for convenience.

Double Date by Kaitlyn Autofeld

Ben is a college student hoping to use the upcoming semi-formal dance as the place to take his relationship with Kirsten to the next level. Nervous that he might screw up his chance with her, Ben convinces his roommate Andy to join them on a double date. Ben just has to help Andy find a date....

Buy it on Haven for $2.49
Buy it on for $2.99
Buy it on Google Play for $2.99
Buy it on Barnes and for $2.99
Buy it on Kobo Books for $2.99

A Little Bit of Girl Time: Volume I

Buy it on Haven for $15.99
Buy it on Kobo Books for $19.99


  1. I hope a bunch of people are rushing out to buy the books! It keeps the Haven afloat

    Also, a big thumb's up to you for writing more than one novel! WOO!

    1. Thanks Dee! I've got ideas flowing and when I have the time plan to write some more short stories for the next volume AND a sequel to the first "I Want to be You" novel.