Saturday, February 22, 2014


Just because you program desires into someone with the magic remote doesn't mean they'll have the same interpretation of events to follow as you do… and it will usually fail and not in your favor.


  1. a great caption a very nice payback

  2. "... "Now, just because this body you tuned mine into, (and, b.t.w., thanks! i actually do enjoy being an attractive, sensual woman more than i ever did being an average guy!), has brought me to the realization that I do enjoy the periodic pleasure a pulsing penis provides me, it by no means means I must make merry with mostly male persons!
    Even with the physical needs & kinky proclivities you programed into me, you left my mind intact as the man I was so as to make my changes seem more tortuous while I sated the needs of my womanhood. So, as I'm still a man in mind & heart, and I truly LOVE how I am now; I'm a self-fulfillment of your 'mans love' clause, Mr. Peter-man!
    Don't you hate it when your plans backfire?! Oh, speaking of which, while you lay there in that silly, flaccid state, you'll have plenty of time to wonder how your own erotic responses are wired, now that you're little more than a warm-blooded strap-on-dildo! ..."

    I'm sorry, Kaitlyn! Sometimes I just can't help what sort of word-vomit others' captions might inspire my fingers to spew-forth. :-( If my "epELLEogues" exceed your sensibilities, simply let me know and I'll try to refrain from venturing too far over the edge!

  3. One of the most elegant images used and fitted to suit the caption of 2 guys going at it, one taking the role of a submissive harlot and the other trying to increase his "macho" ability.