Monday, February 24, 2014

I is for I Want to be You, Inc.

Planned body swapping isn't exactly new in the world of TG Captions, but this particular method is quite special to me.  Based on Rachel's name for the company, and having created much material in the universe before even having met me, I found IW2BU, Inc. quite intriguing.  After getting to know Rachel more personally, I turned this concept into my first TG Fiction Novel with the Subtitle Deep Reflections (available on Amazon & Haven Bookworks!).  Those of you who followed this blog in the summer also saw a series of IW2BU Captions.  Plus, I currently have plans for a sequel and am writing a parallel series in the same universe.


  1. I keep looking on google to find the company... !W2BU..
    nothing ever comes up.

    gosh there has to be some way ot trying life as a girl..
    This is America... some greedy capitalist should figure this out.

  2. well with so much lovely bodywork I would like to take lots of time.