Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One Week - Last Day...

Of course, the last day of Blake's week, officially.  Too bad about those breaches of contract though, Amiright?  Also, much like the letter "I" in my tgABCs, the number "1" doesn't appear much different than a regular box.  I suppose I could have used a different font that used serifs, but those fonts seem to be rather unforgiving when places photos inside.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this little countdown.  I do plan to do more with some different universes or story ideas, but I would appreciate your input.

1 comment:

  1. Been a long time Kaitlyn, but I got to say I loved this series. The whole IW2BU concept is wonderful and your choice of model is absolutely delicious!

    I really hope we'll see more entries in this universe soon. Be it the further adventures of Blake/Kaycie or somebody new ;)

    Leona James Greymyst (formerly Katrina L of the Haven)