Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Here's a birthday caption I made for Dementia (aka Dee), whom I have known since my very first days as a captioner, and seemed rather happy that I was making captions again.  So happy in fact, that she deserved one of her own!

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  1. As I wrote last night on the Haven:

    "Wooo! What a lovely surprise and fulfillment of wishes there! Thank you so very much Kaitlyn!
    Glad to have you back and captioning again! That in of itself is a great B-day gift!"

    At least I still have you, among a few others, that remember who people like Courtney, Bren, Jessica, etc .. were. It was sad to see that I had lost most of the birthday captions they had made me due to a Haven server crash. Now at least I can start over with some new ones!