Monday, July 7, 2014

T is for Transportation

Really, I got this idea for the letter T from Tehswitcher's public transfer idea which basically has people swap bodies when they fall asleep on certain public transportation units.  Needless to say, I liked the idea.


  1. TG Universes like this one, Great Shift, and the cab one are much too random for me, but I think for many people, its the entire reason they like it. I think that is why I do like TG subject matter in general, in that there are still many subdivisions and genres to dabble in, and if you like something, there is probably at least one caption blog that will cater to that whim!

    Question I do have: In those above mentioned universes, do people carve entirely new lives in their swapped identity, or are they trapped in the former person's existence? I guess what I'm saying is, is there free will involved, or is it predestination?

    1. I started out very opposite. I like random, and still do, although my tastes have evolved to encompass more. I think the thrill is that there is some mystery behind it, and the appeal is the lack of control you have with who you get to become.

      I've posted before on here about making captions that fit this category more about the people swapped and what they will do with their new life--so in a way, the answer is both. The story in the caption should be about how the individual responds to the change. Do they try to fade into their new life or will they make it something of their own choosing?