Friday, August 8, 2014

Nothing Lost, Nothing Exchanged

Blue light district!  Never tell the authorities when you turned out this good!


  1. Is this some sort of thing related to an Orb story that was on Fictionmania a few years back? I ask, because I just used an orb about a week ago in a 'burner' caption at my blog and it was based on some sort of switching universe. Or maybe this was just a happy coincidence?

    Since you seem to be mistress of the TG universes, I figured I'd go right to the source!

    1. I'm gonna go happy coincidence on this one Dee! Mostly, this is a Role Exchanger caption. Sometimes lesser-known universes are difficult to infer in a caption I guess. My basic idea here was that with the role exchanger, the number one thing exchanged is your role, and in this case Girl Next Door was a very good role to receive in an exchange.