Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hop or Swap?

So I'm not at my usual cap-making computer, but thought I'd make a post anyway. A post that might require comments... yeah, I know. But I want an opinion: What's the difference between a body hopper and a body swapper? I used to use both as pretty much the same, but as I read other caps on other sites, there seems to be a difference. As best as I can tell, a hopper can possess a body and leave it with the same person intact, but a swapper physically switches bodies with someone else, leaving the person they switch with in the previous body. What's your opinion? Do you really care? What type is your favorite?

BTW... This is my 400th post!


  1. Hoppers seem to possess while swappers switch bodies. I think I have the same understanding as you, although it doesn't matter all that much to me so long as what is happening is clear(possesing or swapping). In the context of them being diffrent though, I prefer swapping stories over hopping

  2. Yes. A body hopper possesses a body. While inside they have full control, and full access to the mounts memories. They turn into a goo like substance and "fill" their new vessel. Their real faces and be seen by other hoppers, potential hoppers, and in mirrors or cameras. They also can switch back and forth between their own and their mounts voice. So older hoppers can keep their natural faces from showing up in mirrors / cameras. Unfortunatly most hoppers have little to no regard for their mount only seeing them as playthings to get off with.

  3. Thanks to you both for commenting. Sounds like I was mostly on the money about this... never heard quite the description of hoppers before, but I can't say I spent hours of study on the origin. I may have to go back and re-tag some things based off this new information.

    Anyone else feel free to weight in.

  4. I personally prefer body swapping because it simply has more of an end game. Where hopping is just taking a person's body for a ride until you get tired of it, swapping is more of a permanent residence at least in the way I see it. Where hopping is like "I'd like to be that person for a finite amount of time," swapping is more like "I want to inhabit that person forever. BE that person." Hope that helps :)